Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

We not only provide crushing, grinding equipment, but also supply auxiliary equipment. As we all know, Vibrating Screen is an important auxiliary equipment in ore processing plant. SBM's Vibrating Screen absorbed the outstanding technology from abroad, and our Vibrating Screen has reached international advanced level.

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  • Advanced structure

    Adopted advanced structure, strong and durable and smooth operation.

  • Long flowing line and many screening specifications

    The screen is with strong violent vibration force and high screening efficiency. The amplitude is adjustable. The equipment adopts multi-screening, the materials can be divided into different sizes.

  • Low power consumption and low noise

    The structure is simple, maintenance is convenient. Adopts eccentric block as excitation source, strong exciting force, low power consumption, low noise.

  • Large capacity

    Machine is with high efficiency, large capacity, long life and easy maintenance.

Vibrating screen working principle: By the motor force and adjusting the amplitude of the eccentric shaft, vibrating screen moves quickly like a circle. Materials in the sieve case can be separated and screened from the sieve pore in this process.

Model Screen Size (mm) Layers Mesh Size (mm) Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model REV (r/min) Amplitude (mm) Angle (℃) Machine Size (mm)
2YA1237 1200×3700 2 3-50 ≤200 7.5-80 4-15 Y160L-4/15 970 8 20 4010×2250×2660
3YA1237 1200×3700 3 3-50 ≤200 7.5-80 4-15 Y160L-4/15 970 8 20 4010×2250×3140
2YA1548 1500×4800 2 5-50 ≤400 50-208 4-15 Y160L-4/15 970 8 20 5120×2590×3060
3YA1548 1500×4800 3 5-50 ≤400 50-250 4-15 Y160L-4/15 970 8 20 5120×2590×3540
2YA1848 1800×4800 2 5-80 ≤400 50-260 4-18.5 Y180M-4/18.5 970 8 20 5120×2950×3060
3YA1848 1800×4800 3 5-80 ≤400 50-300 4-18.5 Y180M-4/18.5 970 8 20 5120×2950×3540
2YA1860 1800×6000 2 5-80 ≤400 50-300 4-18.5 Y180M-4/18.5 970 8 20 6260×2950×3480
3YA1860 1800×6000 3 5-80 ≤400 50-350 4-22 Y180L-4/22 970 8 20 6260×2990×3960
2YA2160 2100×6000 2 5-150 ≤400 100-500 4-22 Y180L-4/22 730 6-8 20 6270×3410×3670
3YA2160 2100×6000 3 5-100 ≤400 100-500 4-30 Y200L-4/30 730 6-8 20 6270×3470×4100
2YA2460 2400×6000 2 5-150 ≤400 150-700 4-37 Y225S-4/37 730 6-8 20 6270×3770×3610
3YA2460 2400×6000 3 5-150 ≤400 150-700 4-37 Y225S-4/37 730 6-8 20 6270×3790×4100

 This product relates to mine mineral processing equipment, especially mine air classifiers. This design uses a pneumatic structure, high fall and mineral powder full separation of scattering, Shaker uniform mineral powder scattered from axial fans mineral powder into at arm's length, since the mineral powder containing different elements of material density, then blowing distances are different, because of density differences between physical elements are blowing the line speed is also different. Mineral powder density in the blowing distance wind blows in different distance and material elements of the linear velocity varies at different distances into the recovery tank. To achieve the various material elements of fine ore separation.

The patent relates to mine mineral processing equipment, in particular a mine air separation equipment. For screening of mineral powder to bring a kind of simple and practical, energy saving, water saving, increased productivity, new environmental mineral powder screening equipment.
Currently mines ore powder screening equipment used by known mostly uses traditional water separation filter equipment, also known as separation of water, water separation filter device such as rolling Groove, spin Groove vertical chutes with large spiral angle, vibration chute, and so on. No matter how changes to device filtering structure, its basic mechanism is to consume a lot of water, energy, mineral powder by chemical reactions of metals in screened out. If metal mineral powder contains a variety of ingredients, then you need to repeat the filter several times, that is to say there are several material elements in the mineral powder, mineral powder needed filter several times. Traditional mining enterprises promote chosen output with this water, is also unsatisfactory, and consume large amounts of electricity, water, and serious environmental pollution, because the operator repeatedly for bringing the appropriate product costs and reducing efficiency something bad.
In order to solve the water separation filter mineral powder the various negative factors, to save energy, water, reduce pollution, reduce costs, increase output, contains a variety of material elements of mineral extraction of powdered disposable filter for best results. After repeated tests over the years and finally developed a simple to achieve this effect of new type pneumatic screening machines.
Mechanism of this equipment is designed to be spectacular and pneumatic structures, high fall mineral powder scattering full separation, Shaker uniform mineral powder scattered from axial flow speed blower to slag blowing to a certain distance. Due to mine powder by containing various material elements density different, so was blows of distance also different, and due to density size of difference material elements was blows by go of line speed also different, in blows distance in the makes mine powder density different of various material elements, by wind blows distance and the line speed each not same of material elements, in different distance fall into different of recycling slot in the, do and reached mine powder various material elements of separation effect. Residual ore powder does not fall into the recovery tank in the basic material elements and the separation, axial fans, pipeline blown into the recycling bin, after treatment, outflow from the Recycle Bin pipes.

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