HJ Series Jaw Crusher

HJ Series Jaw Crusher

By analyzing customers’ requirements and absorbing the world-class advanced technology, SBM developed the HJ series jaw crusher. This machine has larger capacity but the energy consumption is quite low. It is to be the ideal substitute products for old ones.


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  • Better performance than old ones: according to an in-depth study, SBM optimized motion trail of the movable jaw and the cavity of the machine.
  • The weight of counterweight and the structure of the Jaw crusher are adjusted, the vibration of whole machine is greatly improved and the performance is also well improved.
  • Utilize new bolt system, operators can replace the toggle easily.

HJ series jaw crusher energetic song moving extrusion type, its working principle is: motor through V-belt drive host sheave, thereby bringing the eccentric shaft to move the jaw rotation when moving jaw to drive the movable jaw fixed jaw plate movement, the material is crushed or split pieces. When the movable jaw body driven movable jaw away from the fixed jaw board, has been broken material discharged from the lower jaw of the nesting population. With the continuous rotation of the motor, crusher crushing and nesting periodically.


Feed Opening (mm)

Max Feeding (mm)

Discharge Opening (mm)


Power (kW)

Machine Size(mm)






















 If external process of granular materials into small particles, called broken using mechanical Crusher. For material broken of broken machine widely application Yu different of industry in the, as mining industry, and bridge, based construction industry, and grinding material industry, and refining aluminum industry, and steelmaking industry, and metallurgical industry, and business brick (w) industry, and cement industrial, and chemical industry, and gravel processing, and fertilizer industrial, and casting industry, and glass industrial, and gypsum industry, and lime industry, and oil industry, and power industrial, and refractories manufacturing,.

According to the different structure and working principle, commonly used crushing machinery such as are of the following types:
Jaw Crusher (broken jaw) is to rely on periodic reciprocating motion of the movable jaw plate, plate material crushed into the jaws. Its rugged, simple structure, reliable, wide particle size range and crushing force is strong, widely used in limestone, iron ore, and other various ores and rocks ultimate compressive strength of not more than 2500kg/cm2.
Hammer Crusher (hammer break) items the impact of high speed rotary hammer and shock fixed liner material at high speed towards the material into pieces. Its structure is characterized by: high capacity, low energy consumption per unit of product, large crushing ratio, instead of multi-stage crushing, namely technology limited, which is ranging from coarse to fine break through the process of production. Especially with regard to applications in highway construction materials, by replacing sieve plate (section) of clearance angle and geometry, can be required to produce a variety of materials, shapes and material good (a hexagonal-shaped) and high compressive strength.
Cone Crusher (Cone Crusher) cone eccentric Rotary, in between the two cones of materials subjected to bending and extrusion and crushing.
Counterattack Crusher (back break) hit by fast-moving plate hammer material, material to counter high-speed crash, collide and crush between items. Single rotor counterattack broken has structure simple, and broken than big, and energy low, and production high, and weight light, and broken Hou finished is cubic form, advantages, can for dressing, and chemical, and cement, and building, and refractories, and ceramic, and glass, industrial sector for in the broken and chronology various medium hardness of material of with, but due to counterattack broken Board hammer very easy wear, it in hard material broken of application Shang also by limit, counterattack broken usually used to rough broken, and in the broken or chronology limestone, and coal, and carbide, and quartz, and dolomite, and iron sulfide ore, and Gypsum and chemical raw materials, hardness of brittle materials.
Roll Crusher (roll break) items fall on two parallel to each other and spin in opposite roller (movement), the material in the rollers under the action of friction on the surface of, dragged into the roller between the extrusion and crushing by the rollers. Its main advantages are: simple structure, compact, lightweight, reliable, convenient adjustment broken, can used without basis. The disadvantages are: low production capacity requires continuous feeding consistantly, roller surface wear particle size are difficult to consistantly, requires frequent repairs. -General Crusher rollers are fixed and can be changed in two, another toothed roller surface (the toothed-roll Crusher), apply them in bulk materials broken into small pieces of material (including some water), is unparalleled by other crushers.
Reduction ratio and unit energy consumption (smash product energy consumption per unit mass) is broken machinery basic technical and economic indicators.
Crushing ratio is used to illustrate the characteristics of the grinding process and identification of grinding quality units of electricity consumed to tell if broken machinery power consumption economy, two units of the crushing machine power consumption even if the same, but different reduction ratio, both broken machinery and the economic effect is not the same. In General, higher mechanical efficiency of large reduction ratio. Therefore identification of crushing machinery's efficiency, and should also consider their power consumption and size reduction ratio.
Although broken equipment at home and abroad of many varieties and different principles, but broken broken equipment industry at present than the small, high energy consumption, clay minerals industry-wide problems such as clogging, single equipment cannot reach the next process requires qualified granularity need grading to repeat breaking, complex technology and investment, covers an area of large, high energy consumption, resulting in tremendous waste of resources. Improve efficiency, reduce the grinding power, that is, "more crushing and less grinding" the crushing process is always broken machinery research directions. In order to achieve low energy consumption and low metal consumption, reducing costs, increasing the economic efficiency of the, Crusher with large reduction ratio and energy conservation is the objective of crushing areas.
In view of the above defects of the existing ore crushing equipment, people engaged in this type of product design and manufacturing of this product many years rich experience and professional knowledge, and cooperate with scientific and rational application of active research and innovation, broken structure of materials with a view to the creation of a new structure and crushing equipment, making it more practical. After years of research, design, and after repeated sample testing and improved, and finally creating a practical value of this product.

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