High-frequency Screen

High-frequency Screen

High-frequency Screen adopts the newest design and absorbs the advanced technology all over the world. It is a new structural vibrating screening equipment with high efficiency and perfect performance. SBM High-frequency Screen is widely used in coal processing line, and it has won highly commended from customers.

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  • Low power consumption

    The material adopts super elastic material, in order to ensure the machine's stability and reduce power consumption.

  • Reasonable structure and perfect performance

    It adopts the most advanced structure and technology. Adopting high vibrating frequency which will increase the screen efficiency and capacity.

  • Adjustable

    The screen can be controlled by computer, every exciter specification is adjustable.

  • Wide application

    It can be adjusted according to customers' different requirements.

Compared with the commonly screening and grading equipments, the High-frequency screen adopts higher frequency. As a result, it is able to damage tension force of the pulp surface. Also the fine particles are able to oscillate speedily on the surface of the screen because of the high frequency, and the big expecting minerals are isolated from the pulp easily.

Model Screen Surface Area (m2) Screening Concentration (%) Capacity (t/h) Power(kw)
ZGPS-4 4.5 30%-40% 15-25 0.72
ZGPS-5 5.2 30%-40% 20-30 1.1
ZGPS-6 6 30%-40% 24-36 1.5
ZGPS-8 8.1 30%-40% 32-48 2.2

 This product is designed to overcome these disadvantages, offers a compact, easily carried a submerged magnetic restores mineral processing equipment.

In order to achieve the purposes stated above, this product adopts the technology programme is as follows:
-Poses magnetization restore dressing equipment, including into material warehouse, and into material warehouse out material mouth connection of II times broken institutions, through transport with and II times broken institutions connection of upgrade machine, is located in the transport with above and for to its Shang transport of ore injection restore agent of restore agent injection device, and upgrade machine connection and is horizontal of Rotary calcined kiln, is located in Rotary calcined kiln below and for receives by Rotary calcined kiln calcined Hou of material and will its cooling, and processing of material processing institutions, and is located in material processing institutions tail of magnetic selected equipment.
Further, hoist the bucket elevator.
In one embodiment, wherein the Rotary calcining kiln tilt setting, near the hoist side above the end away from the hoist.
Further, material handling mechanism is bounded below and are in turn connected to the calcining rotary kiln tilting feeder, mill and classifier.
Further of, by said material processing institutions also including is located in Rotary calcined kiln below and and Rotary calcined kiln connection of water-cooled type cooling machine; the water-cooled type cooling machine tilt set, and water-cooled type cooling machine near Rotary calcined kiln of end above its away from Rotary calcined kiln of end; by said pendulum type to material machine is is located in water-cooled type cooling machine away from Rotary calcined kiln of end of below.
Specific said that the water cooling machine comprises a fixed water cooled cylinder, built into the outer cylinder cooled and can be relative to the water cooled the outer cylinder rotating inner cylinder, and set in water cooling machines near the tilting feeder side sieve used to separate water and minerals; Rotary calcining kiln near one end of the water cooling machine is also provided with cooling water inlet.
Meanwhile, in order to ensure stability of the roasted ore, the water-cooled chiller and Rotary calcining kiln are closed at one end of the adjacent structure, both connected through the transport pipeline.
In order to achieve this, the magnetic separation equipment includes high intensity magnetic separators and weak magnetic separation machine.
This products of design principle: integration design, will ore of broken, and calcined, and cooling, and processing filter organic to combines for a overall, formed a article full of line, makes ore of into material, and broken, and calcined, and cooling, and filter a step completed, achieved bulk of production; while, used Rotary calcined kiln, and in calcined Qian added restore agent, makes ore precise heated, mention smell ore grade.
Compared with the existing technology, the beneficial effect of this product is:
(I) the products are cleverly designed, simple structure, easy, energy-saving and environmental protection.
(2) the product-integrated design, feeding, crushing, burning, cooling, filtering, in one step, realize the mass production is not only convenient, fast, and large amount of ore, reducing the consumption of resources like coal, ores, improved resource utilization.
(3) this product is featured in the ore is compressed into a sphere of transport, easy to transport and difficult to wear.
(4) this product through the first crusher and a crusher for ore II has broken twice, after two broken ore can be evenly broken below the IOmm so that the ore in the calcine is heated evenly, and conducive to late ore is extracted.
(5) the product adopts horizontal Rotary calcining furnace for calcining ore, ore inside the kiln is heated evenly, full and rapid heat transfer, on the revolving calcining kiln tilt settings, ore Rotary calcining process, under the action of gravity to automatically move to the kiln, material and reverse flow of air, the heat are fully utilized.
(6) the Rotary calcining kiln operation this product is easy to grasp, observation of intuitive, improves working efficiency, and burning fuel and materials (ore) contacts of sulphur in fuels not easily accessible ores, therefore, Rotary calcining kiln-fired ore with low sulfur content and ore desulphurization in steelmaking at a later stage.
(7) this product uses water cooled cooler cooling of roasted ore, not only cooling evenly and fast cooling and high efficiency, can form a mass production.
(8) this product in ore after crushing II, transported via conveyor belt winder in the process by reducing agent injection device on the conveyor belt ore injection of reducing agent, with ore in the calcining rotary kiln calcination of the reducing agent, on the one hand, to smelt iron ore grade, on the other hand, favor late magnetic separation of iron ore.

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