Coating Machine

Coating Machine

The mineral powder surface coating machine--an outcome of the development of new and high technology-- is widely used in plastic, rubber and dope industries, it can well improve the powder compatibility, enhance binding force of interfaces, rise the mechanical strength and comprehensive ability and add special physical and chemical property.

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  • Continuous operation and large capacity.
  • High utilize ratio and low consumption of modifying agent
  • With the function of modifying and dispersion, it fits for various powders.
  • High modifying efficiency without changing the granulate shape.
  • Excellent sealing system, no environment pollution
  • All works are finished in one machine, easy to operate.

Ends coater coating mechanism mounted vertical support arm, through a belt, chain or cable transmission, so that the coating mechanism moves up and down, along the surface of the coated wire mesh. Transmission mechanism connected to the servo motor or inverter to operate smoothly and to precisely control the position of the coating mechanism.Prior to coating, the clean, good network stretched from the front screen coating machine is loaded, and some models can also be installed from the side of the net version. For large format screen frame design models, side-mounted version is more common, because the network is large and bulky frame, side loading, make some small amount of uplift and moving. In automatic screen coating machine and other automatic screen handling equipment (such as cleaning equipment, recycling equipment, drying equipment and developing machine) line running from the side mounted version is more convenient.

Model Main Power (kw) Blower Power (kw) Speed of Shaft (r.p.m) Capacity (kg/h) Weight (t) Overall Dimension (L*W*H)mm
CLG-200D 11 2.2 4600 40-150 1 3200*600*2200
CLG-3/300 3-18.5 5.5 4500 500-1800 3 5800*1800*5600
CLG-3/600 3-37 15-22 2700 2000-4000 10 11200*3100*6200
CLG-3/900 3-75 45 1800 4000-7000 20 21000*3800*6500

 Traditional of ore grinding mechanical more for speed rotary of horizontal mill, material by into material device by into material hollow axis spiral uniform to entered mill machine first warehouse, the warehouse internal has ladder lining Board or corrugated lining Board, within loaded mill mine media for different specifications steel ball, tube body turned produced centrifugal force and material and tube body between of friction, will steel ball with to must height Hou, is cast falls State falls, on material produced heavy hit and grinding role to completed ore of crushed, reached requirements grain degrees of pulp and no reached requirements grain degrees of mine grain cannot separation,So in the resistance during exercise, motor power requiredis very large, high energy consumption, waste a great dealof power, and

Low efficiency. Has the applicant disclosed patent number200620023504.6 for a vertical ore roll grinding machine,grinding ore crushing and screening machinery combinationcohesion, improve work efficiency. During the process ofapplication, due to the grinding roller is easy to wear andaffect ground clearance, the need for frequent downtimeadjustments, effects of grinding machines for continuousoperation.


This product provides an improved vertical ore roll grindingmachine, grinding rollers manual adjustmentimprovement ofhydraulic control, in order to improve efficiency, ensurethe quality of grinding. The technical solution for thisproduct is done: the improved vertical ore of rollergrinding machine, set by the rack into the hopper,discharging, the motor and hydraulic pump drive grindingroll formed, how to grind


Mill on roll grading combination set Yu machine frame Shang, grinding on roll set is ladder distribution, its features is: grinding on roll clearance can adjustable, each level grinding on roll set a fixed roll and a mobile $ faced, from Shang down of clearance gradually reduction d, and, grinding machine set hydraulic Station respectively drive machine frame Shang set of multiple hydraulic cylinder adjustment more on grinding roll of work spacing.


Improved vertical ore roll mill mentioned, the hydrauliccylinder is arranged in the rack mobile grinding roller


Side of the housings, housings are connected with a slidingrack.


Improved vertical ore roll mill mentioned, the bearing isarranged the roof converge with the hydraulic cylinder.Improved vertical ore roll mill mentioned, the adjusting nutis arranged between the grinding rollers also. Improvedvertical ore roll mills described, wherein each stagegrinding lower roll tilt setting slurry


Sieve, spigot into mine channel outlet, oversize rollergrinding on into the next level.


Improved vertical ore roll mill mentioned, described twomill grinding roller roller speed ranges


The relative, two mill grinding roller roll speed ratio isl:1.8.


Described improved vertical ore roll grinding machine,grinding at each 

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